Three common misconceptions and two unpleasant surprises. How to pay your taxes correctly this year.

Three common misconceptions and two unpleasant surprises. How to pay your taxes correctly this year.

This year, the Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not making any allowances for citizens who are affected by the pandemic. Whether you are treated in a hospital or are on self-isolation, you will have to report under the general rules - by April 30. The deadline for paying the tax is July 15. Those Russians who live on one salary do not have to submit a tax return: personal income tax will be calculated and withheld by the employer. Banks, insurance companies and brokers also act as tax agents for their clients and pay them income less personal income tax. But taxpayers whose money last year did not go through tax agents are required to notify the IRS themselves about their earnings.

Dmitry Efremov, lawyer-analyst in Tax Compliance, told about the most non-trivial cases when it is necessary to notify the tax authorities of their earnings:

1. The list of those who must report income is conditional. In fact, there is no such list, there are norms about the income on which the personal income tax is levied. In this part, 2021 opened with a number of innovations.

a) Bloggers, streamers and other media content producers have no special legal status. Their obligation to register a sole proprietorship or become self-employed is the same as that of any person earning income under a non-employment contract.

b) The fact of owning a coin is not income. Income is a positive financial result. Technically, the purchase of the cryptocurrency is an expense for the declarant. If he was later able to sell the crypto at a higher price, only at that point is income formed.

2. More often than not, citizens have difficulty understanding how the tax base for personal income tax is formed when selling apartments with a subsequent purchase. The concepts of income tax and personal income tax are confused, due to which the declarant believes that the purchased more expensive apartment reduces the tax base from the sale to zero. However, if the period of ownership required for the exemption of income from tax has not expired, we must take the calculation of personal income tax.

3. Tax deductions do not exist separately from the tax on which they are granted. To claim a personal income tax deduction, it must first be remitted to the budget.

4. Apart from the expansion of the list of medical services, the expenses for which reduce the base for personal income tax, changes in the form of the 3-NDFL declaration and plans to introduce a simplified system of granting deductions, there have been no changes.

5. Changes in the procedure for calculating personal income tax for 2020 relate to persons for whom the progressive tax scale is relevant. They have two tax bases, and if necessary, they must pay additional tax by notice at the end of the period.


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