Support of tax audits

Support of tax audits

  • 38 mln ₽

    38 million ₽ Representing a construction company in a field tax audit

    Support of tax audits

    The initial additional charges were based on the suggestions that the taxpayer used the optimization scheme with the help of "dishonest" contractors.

    • Industry


    • Process description

      In the course of the audit, it was established that all disputed contractors were involved and their officials were interrogated, who actually confirmed their participation in these companies and the scope of work undertaken. In addition, the audit was followed by the recovery of partially lost primary documentation that confirmed the partial performance of the work by the disputed contractors.

    • Result

      As a result of the audit, tax claims amounted to 10 million ₽. Thus, as a result of successful work on support of the audit it was possible to avoid large additional payments in respect of "dishonest" contractors.

    • Employees involved

      Alexander Dmitriev, Yulia Pavlova