Tax monitoring

Tax monitoring

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    Tax monitoring

    Preparation of documents for joining the tax monitoring system, updating accounting policy for tax accounting purposes

    Accompanying the transition of a major trading company to tax monitoring

    • Purpose

      Connection to the tax monitoring system and reducing the risk of additional additional tax assessments.

    • Employees involved

      Mikhail Begunov, Yulia Pavlova

    • Process description

      Within support of the procedure of transfer to tax monitoring the client was rendered services on preparation of documents according to the requirements of the Federal Tax Service Russian FTS. In particular, it was actualized and brought in compliance with the effective tax legislation, the accounting policy for tax accounting purposes, documents regulating the company's internal control system were prepared of the company, and prepared tables and data on coordinators of of subdivisions and levels of control within the company.

    • Result

      Successful work on the analysis and preparation of documents required for the transition to tax monitoring, as well as interaction with the tax authority to address procedural issues in connecting to the tax monitoring system, allowed the client to take advantage of the transition to this mode of tax control and reduce the risk of additional additional tax assessments.