Economic emergency
Economic emergency

Economic emergency

If we talk about the crimes that are committed during the implementation of national projects, most of them are associated with corruption and embezzlement of money, says attorney, managing partner of the law firm TAX COMPLIANCE Mikhail Begunov. Violations of public procurement rules can also be singled out separately. Of course, there are also various tax violations, including tax evasion, but this is not the main problem when implementing national projects.

Control over the financial flows directed to such projects is meant initially, so it is not very clear what its tightening will mean, asks the lawyer. Most likely, he believes, if the FSB is involved in this process, it will lead to a number of high-profile court cases, it is possible that separate channels for withdrawal of funds will be identified. But on the whole the situation is unlikely to change much, he believes, as the emergence of various criminal schemes when allocating large funds is almost inevitable.

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