The expert estimated the losses due to tax breaks

The expert estimated the losses due to tax breaks

"This applies to companies that will lose the most money because of coronavirus (travel and airlines, carriers, entertainment, etc.). Therefore, the measures taken are quite justified, as otherwise there will be uncontrolled growth of tax debts and closure of many companies," said Begunov.

At the same time, the lawyer emphasizes, the installment plan provided for by the Tax Code assumes interest accrual, however, in this situation "we are talking about the lack of interest due to force majeure in the form of an epidemic": "For business this is a favorable environment, but for the budget it means losses that may exceed 200 billion rubles".

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Mikhail Begunov Mikhail Begunov

Mikhail Begunov

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Member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants, Lawyer at the Moscow Chamber of Advocates