Mishustin is dragging Russia from China to the West.

Mishustin is dragging Russia from China to the West.

However, according to Mikhail Begunov, a lawyer and managing partner at TAX COMPLIANCE law firm, geopolitical factors are likely to be stronger.

- In recent years, the Federal Tax Service has made a serious leap forward in terms of information exchange with foreign jurisdictions. Thus, Russia reached agreements with many countries that previously did not exchange such information. These data obtained from other countries have had an impact on the results of control measures and additional taxes for actual income recipients. Convergence with the OECD is the next stage in reaching the internationally recognized level of taxation standards and in preventing the erosion of the tax base..

But it is not a matter of waiting for any concrete and global changes in this area in the short term, as this very convergence is still rudimentary, and we have to wait for the situation to evolve, taking into consideration the geopolitical environment, which can change very quickly. If this convergence keeps moving, it would probably lead to a new turn in the anti-corruption fight in Russia, as in this area, unlike the tax one, the gap with the developed countries is particularly obvious..

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Mikhail Begunov

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