Tax payroll commissions: what awaits the business
Tax payroll commissions: what awaits the business

Tax payroll commissions: what awaits the business

Grey wages are a topical problem for Russia, as the budget loses huge amounts of money every year because of the shadow sector. And at the moment there are no effective mechanisms to detect such violations. That is why a program to legalize shadow wages was developed, which provides for the creation of special payroll commissions. For business, of course, this means certain changes.

Shadow employment

Revenues to the budget of personal income tax and insurance premiums lag significantly behind in comparison with other taxes, which indicates a large share of gray wages. Incomes of Russian citizens often differ from the MRT and industry average: officially people receive very small amounts, which have nothing to do with reality. And such indicators are typical not only for small and medium enterprises, but also for large companies.

Also recently, companies, understanding the consequences and responsibility for the payment of grey wages, began to use alternative ways of paying their employees. Thus, sometimes accountants are transferred to outsourcing, and their services are paid to a separate company. Drivers are registered as IEs, and they are paid for transportation services. Outsourcing companies and IEs keep the received amounts net of taxes as their wages, and if their wages are exceeded, the money is withdrawn in the form of cash from settlement accounts.



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