Why does Russia need a "rich man's tax system"?
Why does Russia need a

Why does Russia need a "rich man's tax system"?

In February, a completely new structure will appear in Russia's tax service - an inspectorate which will deal with the richest people in the country. Those who earn more than 500 million rubles a year.

"Under the microscope" will be considered those who have controlled companies, financial operations and bank accounts abroad. As well as those who conduct investment activities.

The logic of the emergence of such an inspectorate in the Federal Tax Service is explained by the fact that rank-and-file employees of the service in the regions often do not have the proper competence. In addition, foreign assets of the rich are not available for tax control.

Will the creation of a "tax rich" really allow for a more efficient replenishment of the domestic treasury? This is the question that the Free Press asked finance experts.


Mikhail Begunov, a lawyer and managing partner of Tax Compliance:

- The creation of a new inspectorate is long overdue, because in Russia there are many individuals with high incomes. Ordinary territorial inspections can no longer cope with them.

Firstly, servicing such individuals requires a special approach (after all, they are VIP-payers). Secondly, these individuals have income from complex financial transactions, the verification of which requires in-depth knowledge not only of tax law, which specialists of the usual territorial inspection often can not afford.


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