Khabib Nurmagomedov Foundation may be liquidated

Khabib Nurmagomedov Foundation may be liquidated

The Stavropol branch of Sberbank has blocked the account of the Makhachkala Foundation for Education, Sports and Social Initiatives (ROSSI Foundation), whose co-founder and honorary president is former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. The reason was debts, according to materials of the Federal Tax Service (FTS). According to experts, such problems with the tax authorities threaten the foundation with liquidation.

The fund was created in 2016 and is engaged in various sports and social projects, in particular the development of tourism in Dagestan. The partners of the organization are the paint and varnish manufacturers Lipetsk "LMK Group" and "Prime Top Industry" LLC, drinks producer "Rosinka", as well as the charitable platform Tooba.

The blocking of the foundation's accounts may be due to non-compliance with the obligation to submit timely reports.


From the database of bailiffs it follows that the amounts of arrears are small - a total of 36 thousand rubles. The Federal Tax Service will collect this debt personally from Nurmagomedov through court proceedings within the framework of subsidiary (additional) liability. It is possible that the tax authority would decide to disqualify him as a dishonest director and ban him temporarily from doing business. The writ of execution will be transferred to the Federal Bailiff Service, where in case of malicious non-payment the sportsman will be fined, and the bailiff himself may order a temporary ban on leaving the country.

Alexander Dmitriev, an attorney of the law firm Tax Compliance, thinks that, as a rule, such debts arise because of overdue taxes. Most likely the legal entity didn't show declaration and there were events and settlements on the account or the legal entity showed the payment but didn't make it, the expert believes. Nevertheless, for now the former UFC champion has nothing to fear.

But this status may change if the tax authority decides to make any additional payments to the athlete as a natural person or as an individual entrepreneur, the interlocutor said.


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