Andrey Solomyanyi gave a comment to about the intricacies of interaction with clients

Andrey Solomyanyi gave a comment to about the intricacies of interaction with clients polled lawyers to find out when to refuse clients the firm has been working with for a long time and why not to undertake every new case. Andriy Solomyanyy, partner at Tax Compliance, shared his opinion about what circumstances should alert a consultant.

There are 2 aspects of legal services that we pay attention to when communicating with a potential client: first - the amount of services to be rendered, and the second - the project budget. A quality service is expensive and the problem is that it is not always obvious to the principal how much time and labor a particular action takes.
Firstly, you should be wary if the client inclines you to provide additional services that involve a violation of the law. After all, the lawyer - this is, first of all, a person who works with the current legislation and is the "servant" of the legal norm, both substantive and procedural law.
Secondly, the active participation of the client, when he believes that it is necessary to do some more actions, not entering into a contractual relationship or, on the contrary, to abandon the agreed plan. This should be wary, because if there is no synergy between the expert and the client in the vision of the task and its implementation, it will be difficult to render a quality service. After all, in spite of the famous expression "he who pays is right," the responsibility for the actions taken or not taken will ultimately fall on you, as the expert.
Thirdly, if the client is trying to dump the price and provide information on the budgets and work methods of other law firms, you should be wary as there may be a problem with financing the project as a whole, and that may affect the final result, since complex legal issues involve not only the use of its own legal resources but also the involvement of outside experts. For example, to conduct expert examinations or draw conclusions. If there is a misunderstanding about budgeting, it can lead to the inability to provide legal services in general. But, of course, all these nuances should be discussed in advance.
Fourth, if a client works with several lawyers on the same case.

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