• Tax support for IT-business

    Includes advice on the application of tax law, analysis of tax risks associated with the application of tax benefits, analysis of the possibility of IT-company's application of tax benefits, support for interaction with the tax authorities.

  • Support of tax audits

    Includes representation of client's interests in the tax authority; preparing responses to the tax authorities' claims and requests; support of clients in conducting interrogations and other tax control procedures.

  • Tax Audit

    Concludes an audit of counterparties to identify tax risks, an analysis of the accuracy of information recorded in the tax registers and statements, preparation of recommendations on eliminating detected violations of tax and accounting legislation.

  • Pre-court settlement of tax disputes

    Includes appeal of acts and decisions made on the basis of tax audits to territorial and higher tax authorities.

  • Court settlement of tax disputes

    Includes representation of the client in resolving tax disputes in all courts.

  • Tax structuring

    Includes an analysis of contractual agreements to identify tax risks, reducing the tax burden in developing a transaction implementation scheme, and the elimination of tax risks in planning transactions with interdependent parties.

  • Tax monitoring

    Includes verification of criteria for transition to tax monitoring, preparation and submission of documents to the tax authority for entry into the tax monitoring regime, interaction with the tax authority on submission of explanations on tax monitoring, settlement of disputable issues before the tax authority draws up a reasoned opinion.

  • Transfer pricing

    Includes analysis of intra-group agreements in order to identify tax risks related to tax control over prices, development of documentation in accordance with the requirements of international concepts, provisions of tax laws, legal support and settlement of disputes related to tax control over prices between related parties.

  • Advice on taxation of CFCs

    Preparation of notifications on controlled transactions, notifications on the opening of a foreign account, analysis of the obligation to pay taxes on profits of controlled foreign companies, assistance in preparing financial statements for controlled foreign companies, preparation of tax returns in the form of 3-NDFL.

  • Currency regulation

    Includes analysis of financial transactions to identify risks of non-compliance with currency legislation, support of financial transactions, protection of client's interests in disputes with the tax authority, appeal of fines.

  • Criminal defense of business for tax crimes

    Includes the protection of client's interests in law enforcement agencies at the stage of inspection and preliminary investigation of tax crimes, assessment and minimization of risks when providing documents at the request of law enforcement agencies, as well as training of company employees on proper behavior during interrogations and other investigative actions.