Experts found an alternative to income from tourism in southern countries

Experts found an alternative to income from tourism in southern countries

Mild climate countries, which lost a significant part of income from tourists during the pandemic, are beginning to attract alternative sources of budget replenishment, in particular - offer special conditions for "remote workers". The first step has already been taken by Greece, in the near future its example may be followed by other countries, including Russia, experts believe.

The Greek authorities announced a preferential tax regime for foreigners: starting from 2021, they will be able to pay no taxes from half of their income, regardless of the amount, provided that these people will become new tax residents of the country, the agency Reuters reported, citing the economic adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Patelis. Thus, the authorities expect to replenish the budget at the expense of employees who will move to the country and pay taxes there, as well as at the expense of foreign companies that will move their staff in Greece and leave to work "remotely".


In some cases there are preferential rates for foreigners, which are actually equal to the conditions of taxation of RF residents. But these benefits are granted only to certain categories of persons: highly qualified specialists, citizens of the EAEC countries, as well as employees when purchasing a patent. "The created conditions of personal income tax in Russia characterize the lack of intent to attract foreign human resources on a large scale," - said Pavlova.

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