2022: Tax Tests and Opportunities in Transportation

2022: Tax Tests and Opportunities in Transportation

The year 2022 brought new challenges for business, and it was particularly evident in the transport and logistics sector. The need to create new transport chains and review the old ones generates a lot of tax issues. 

We invite you to participate in a webinar on tax updates relevant to the transportation industry. We will review state support measures for businesses as well as the impact of recent tax court cases on law enforcement. The event will take place on April 22 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

The webinar will be useful to business owners, CFOs, accountants and company lawyers.

Webinar Program:

1.  Business support measures: what can the transport industry hope for? 

2. the struggle with technical companies in the transport sphere (peculiarities of the application of Article 54.1 of the Tax Code).

3. particular aspects of the regulation of withholding tax in Russia, relevant to the transport industry:

  • peculiarities of application of tax agreements by the example of the case of LLC "SI EN JI ENGINEERING";
  • finer points of tax qualification of the freight contract as exemplified by the Maritime Directorate LLC case;
  • Problems and surprises of lease payments qualification in the light of the tax dispute of LLC "Koiltubing-Service.

4. Interpretation of the tax law from the point of view of the purpose of regulation by the example of tax disputes with transport companies (the case of Volga Shipping Company LLC).

5.  Subtleties of coordinating VAT inclusion/non-inclusion conditions in industry agreements.

Speakers of the webinar:

Mikhail Begunov, managing partner of Tax Compliance

Andrei Solomyanyi, Partner of Tax Compliance

Denis Kozhevnikov, Head of Tax Dispute Resolution Practice

Nikita Zharov, Senior Tax Consultant 

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