Fiscal Marathon

According to the autumn calculations of the St. Petersburg Finance Committee, the revenue part of the city budget has been reduced by almost 20%, to 545.3 billion rubles, compared to the original forecast. Most of the income is made up of personal income tax and corporate income tax - together they form more than 70% of the income.

Entrepreneurs and lawyers state the tax and police pressure due to the need to replenish the deficit budget, the gap in which in 2020 reached a record 111.2 billion rubles. Large taxpayers are most vulnerable to the attention of the Federal Tax Service (FTS), says Anton Zykov, partner of the Deloitte CIS Tax and Law Department. But Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Baltika, X5 Retail Group and LSR, as well as the Federal Tax Service itself, did not comment on BG issues.


Purpose of taxpayers to obtain illegal tax enrichment in principle does not depend on the state of the domestic economy of the country, said the chief tax adviser of the law firm Tax Compliance Yulia Pavlova.


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