A new installment of Tax Compliance's TAX podcast!

A new installment of Tax Compliance's TAX podcast!

Tax Compliance continues the series of non-boring TAX podcasts, in which tax experts and business representatives discuss current news in the field of taxes, analyze interesting cases from practice and give recommendations for business. 

This week we have prepared for you three new episodes, in which our expert together with an interesting guest will discuss various topical issues.

In the new issue, Alexey Stanchin, Senior Tax Consultant at Tax Compliance, and Viktor Machekhin, Associate Professor at the Tax Law Department of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSLA), will discuss a topic that is actively discussed in business communities and among consultants working in the field of international activities - "suspension of double taxation treaties"

Victor Machekhin will share his expert opinion on the following issues:

  • What are the prospects of the Russian initiative to suspend Russian tax treaties? Should this initiative be taken seriously?
  • What measures can business take to minimize risks in case of possible suspension of tax treaties?
  • Are there other similar initiatives?

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