Tax Compliance's course on criminal defense of business "Who's There?"

Tax Compliance's course on criminal defense of business "Who's There?"

Alekandr Dmitriev, head of "Criminal Law Business Protection" and Tax Complaince lawyer, launches a general course on criminal law business protection "Who's there?

As part of this course, you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What actions of an organization's employees will help you avoid critical consequences when conducting a premises inspection, search, and interrogation.
  • What methods of psychological pressure are exerted on employees of the organization to obtain explanations and how they should be responded to.
  • What is a search and seizure within the framework of a criminal investigation, when they are carried out, what is the difference between a search and seizure.
  • What actions should be taken when receiving a subpoena for questioning by an investigator.
  • What rights have employees of the organization and how should employees of the Federal Tax Service behave during a seizure within the framework of tax control measures.
  • What is an interrogation by the tax authority.

Alexander has significant experience in defending clients' interests in tax crimes during inspections and preliminary investigations, and has in-depth expertise in assessing and minimizing risks when providing documents at the request of law enforcement authorities.

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