Tax Compliance has launched a new line of services for businesses

Tax Compliance has launched a new line of services for businesses

What happened?

The Ministry of Digital resumed the accreditation of IT companies. What does this mean? IT companies are once again able to qualify for various measures of state support, in particular:

  • The status of an accredited IT-company entitles an organization to apply a zero rate of income tax and reduced rates for insurance premiums.
  • Accredited IT-companies are also exempt from tax inspections and can claim various non-tax incentives for employees, such as deferment of military service or discounted mortgages.

What has changed? Getting accreditation has become more difficult. Now applicants for accredited IT company status must confirm that at least 30% of their income comes from IT-activities and the average salary of their employees exceeds the average figures for the country/region. Other additional requirements have also been introduced that must be met when submitting an application.

How can Tax Compliance help?

The Tax Compliance team is ready to assist you as part of becoming an accredited IT company. We:

  • Evaluate your company's prospects for obtaining state IT accreditation.
  • We will help you prepare the documents required for filing an application.
  • We will consult you on any issues you may have.