The expert warned about the risks of simplified tax deductions.

The expert warned about the risks of simplified tax deductions.

The expert warned about the risks of a simplified procedure for obtaining tax deductions: the money, of course, you get it quickly and without hassle, but the amount may be much less than expected, told RIA Novosti the chief tax adviser of the law firm Tax Compliance Yuliya Pavlova.

The RF Ministry of Finance has earlier published a bill allowing taxpayers - individuals - to receive property, social and investment tax deductions under a simplified procedure. Now for this purpose you need to submit a 3-NDFL declaration and supporting documents to the tax authority. Taxpayers will conduct a desk audit of these documents in up to three months, and then, within another 30 days, transfer funds to the taxpayer's account. Thus, from the application to the receipt of the deduction may take up to four months.

Under the simplified procedure, the taxpayer will simply have to submit an application for deduction to the Federal Tax Service, without declaration and any documents. Taxpayers themselves will determine the amount of payment based on information received from tax agents, banks, from the federal property database, as well as data from electronic cash receipts. The time limit for verification is reduced to one month and another 15 days for actual payment. That is, it should take no more than 45 days from the moment an application is submitted until the funds are received.

"Despite the fact that information methods of checking information about the taxpayers' activities are improving every year, it is possible that the negative consequences of obtaining a deduction in this format will be a dispute about the calculated amount of deductions," - warns the expert.

"That is, the taxpayer will have to go to the tax authorities as before to provide evidence of the right to claim a deduction in a certain amount. It is also possible that the tax authority will not cope with the amount of applications received and the deadline for submission of the tax deduction will be extended", - said Pavlova.

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