Can the restaurateur of "Taras Bulba" be declared internationally wanted?

Can the restaurateur of "Taras Bulba" be declared internationally wanted?

The Investigative Committee decided to declare the founder of "Taras Bulba" restaurant chain "Korchma" on the international wanted list. A new criminal case was opened against Yury Beloevan - he was suspected of concealing taxes for almost 60 million rubles. As explained by Deputy Chairman of the IC Elena Leonenko, the restaurateur may be declared on the international wanted list, as he's disappeared. Earlier Yuri Beloevan was already tried for tax evasion. Then we talked about the amount of 650 million rubles. A year ago, the businessman was sentenced to two years in prison, but a few months later he was released for health reasons.

What could a new criminal case be connected to? And what is the threat to Yuri Beloevan? Lawyer of Tax Compliance law firm Andriy Solomyany does not rule out that the new amount of unpaid taxes may have appeared as a result of additional checks. At the same time, there is a risk that the debts will be settled at the expense of restaurant assets.

"There is a chance that during the same period other violations could have been established under additional measures and the procedure of tax recheck. And even if check on one period already was carried out, and, let's say, measures of the tax control were carried out not absolutely qualitatively, and there was a sum certain, then after some time could establish that actually the sum of offence differed essentially. In principle, this is not limited by law, does not violate the rights of taxpayers. Such practice exists.

«Tax control measures for the same period for other offences may be held separately from the procedure of execution of another judicial act in terms of payment of these taxes.».

Andrey Solomyany Lawyer Tax Compliance

Tax and investigation authorities are independent entities. Here it will be difficult to prove any political background, if it is really confirmed that he actually evaded the payment of damages to the budget, and there will be legitimate grounds to search for him. So there is a possibility that he will be extradited unless, of course, he is hiding in the UK or the US, say. If he will be sought for damages from the company's resources, there is a risk that the company may simply go bankrupt," said Solomyany.


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