Digital tax may come into force in 2022

Digital tax may come into force in 2022

<...> The innovations will affect all big players who use the personal data of the citizens in their business - both foreign and Russian companies. Most likely, there will also be certain criteria on the turnover and the way personal data is used.

"The introduction of such a tax will allow to partially compensate the country's budget, given the provision of significant benefits introduced for IT-companies as a result of tax maneuvers for this industry," said Mikhail Begunov.

When asked whether this innovation will scare away foreign players, the expert replied that the practice of personal data collection in the provision of services by the big players, including foreign ones, is common, and therefore the introduction of the tax will not scare away the companies. Of course, the question remains open as to what will be the rate of this tax. Mikhail Begunov also noted that usually not much time passes after the announcement of any innovation by the government until the adoption of the law, so we can expect the entry into force of the changes in 2022.


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