Rules of personal data storage

  • 1. When using information posted on the official Tax Compliance website (hereinafter - the Site), the technical means of the Site automatically recognize network (IP) addresses and domain names of each user (Site visitor). The mentioned information; e-mail addresses of the persons using interactive services of the Site and/or sending e-mail messages to the addresses specified on the Site; automatically accumulated information about which Internet pages of the Site were accessed by the users; other information (including personal information) provided by the users - are stored using technical means of the Site for the purposes listed in the second paragraph of this Notice.
  • 2. The information about users of the Site, accumulated and stored in the technical means of the Site, is used exclusively for the purpose of improvement of methods and methods of presentation of the information on the Site, improvement of service of its users (visitors), revealing of the most visited Internet pages (interactive services) of the Site, and also conducting statistics of visits of the Site.
  • 3. Outside the limits specified in the second paragraph of this Notice, information about the users of the Site may not be used or disclosed in any way. Such information may only be accessed by persons specifically authorized to carry out the work specified in paragraph two of this Notice and warned of liability for accidental or intentional disclosure or unauthorized use of such information.
  • 4. Personal information about the Site users is stored and processed in compliance with the requirements of the Russian legislation on personal data.
  • 5. Any information that is derived from the information listed in paragraph one of this Notice shall be submitted for subsequent use (distribution) only in a summarized form, without specifying the specific network (electronic) addresses and domain names of users (visitors) of the Site.
  • 6. Sending any electronic messages to the network (email) addresses of users (visitors) to the Site, as well as placing hyperlinks on the Site to network (email) addresses of users of the Site and (or) their Internet pages are allowed only if such distribution and (or) placement is expressly provided by the rules for the use of the appropriate interactive service and such distribution and (or) placement received the prior consent of the user (visitor) of the Site, expressed in the form provided by these rules. Correspondence with users (visitors) of the Site, not related to the use of interactive services of the Site or other information sections of the Site, is not made.