Denis Kozhevnikov will head Tax Compliance's Tax Dispute Resolution Department

Denis Kozhevnikov will head Tax Compliance's Tax Dispute Resolution Department

Denis Kozhevnikov graduated from the O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy with a degree in financial law and a master's program in tax law of Russia and foreign countries.

The lawyer started his professional career in the legal department of the Interregional Inspectorate for Major Taxpayers. Four years later Denis Kozhevnikov moved to Vegas Lex, one of the leading Russian law firms involved in the largest investment and infrastructure projects. He subsequently gained extensive experience working with leading international companies in the Russian division of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP.

"We are pleased to welcome a new professional to our team and look forward to further productive work. Denis Kozhevnikov has a proven track record of successfully resolving large-scale tax disputes. We are confident that his expertise will be a step forward for our company. In particular, Denis' work experience in the offices of foreign firms will enable us to introduce new knowledge in our approach to working with clients", says Mikhail Begunov, Managing Partner of Tax Compliance.

In more than eight years of practice, Denis Kozhevnikov has managed to win numerous tax disputes, including:

- A dispute over reclamation of an invoice for one of the largest oil producers (VAT amount of more than 3 billion rubles);

- a dispute over exclusion of production buildings of a major Russian energy company from the list of immovable property for which the tax base is determined as cadastral value;

- a dispute on retrospective application of the results of cadastral value revision in the interests of one of Russia's largest generating companies, as a result of which the additional charge of 40 million rubles was disputed;

- Dispute over accounting of compensation in connection with termination of employment agreements as an expense for the corporate profit tax purposes, in the course of which the additional tax charge of 15 million rubles was contested.

Denis has also implemented numerous consulting projects in the sphere of taxation for both Russian and international clients, which enables him to most efficiently handle claims of the tax authorities on a wide range of issues at both court and pre-trial stages.