Tax Compliance presented a commercial.

Tax Compliance presented a commercial.

Tax Compliance analysts conducted their own research and found out that the assistance of specialized lawyers significantly reduces the probability of taking extreme measures against a business if the company seeks help at the early stages of the case development. Thus, more than 60% of the cases ended with full withdrawal of claims at the stage of pre-trial tax dispute settlement. On average, the total amount of additional tax charges managed to reduce by 73%, which amounted to more than $ 2 billion during the study period.

As Mikhail Begunov, Tax Compliance Managing Partner noted it is very important to involve specialized lawyers for such delicate issues as tax regulation. These lawyers have been working in the tax sphere for many years, they know all the pitfalls and from the point of view of their experience they can see the situation in a broader and more detailed way. This is exactly the kind of expertise that Tax Compliance has.

"The idea of the video was to play with humor to play with our high level of expertise. We did not want to show the complexity of all processes as we strive for the client to feel calm and confident with us.  By taking the documents to the skies, we show that we also have a "high" approach to problem solving. A helicopter is a non-specific mode of transportation, moreover with a flying lawyer, it reflects our non-standard approach to work. The hardest thing in filming is for a lawyer to hold on to a helicopter (laughs).

We have a person in the company who is responsible for creative business development and helps with the implementation of certain marketing activities and events.  He gave us the idea. Now the image of a man flying with a folder in a helicopter has become the logo of our company", says Mikhail Begunov, managing partner of Tax Compliance.

In the future, the company plans to continue pursuing creative promotion methods that reflect the spirit and style of Tax Compliance's work.