The Tax Debate

The Tax Debate

On February 17, Tax Compliance senior tax consultant Alexey Stanchin participated in the "Tax Debate" event, which was organized by Forbes Congress.

Alexey supported the position that "pre-inspection analysis with inducement of the taxpayer to adjust tax liabilities is a tool to collect additional taxes on any grounds".

Alexei's main argument was that the commission within the framework of pre-inspection analysis is not voluntary, as it lacks equality of arms and is essentially a "simulation" of a tax audit with no legal certainty, which leads to abuses by the tax authorities.

You can read more about the arguments and debate at the link.

Participants in the debate also discussed other issues related to the tax clause and the single tax account.

Alexey adhered to the position that the tax clause is a tool to reclassify a dispute from tax (against the tax authority) to civil (between commercial organizations).  In such a situation, the dispute moves from the category of the main to the secondary one.

On the issue of UTII Alexei did not deny the positive aspects of tax changes, but questioned the correctness of such rapid and revolutionary changes without proper preparation and elaboration on the part of the tax authority.