XIX Annual Russian CFO Summit

XIX Annual Russian CFO Summit

On November 2-3, the 9th Annual Russian CFO Summit, organized by Trinity Events Group, took place.

On the first day of the summit, Nikita Zharov, Head of Tax Compliance practice, took part in the session 2 "Macroeconomic situation and state support measures for companies in Russia" on "Tax benefits 2022. What is important to know?" and spoke in detail about:

  • Tax maneuver in the IT industry. Which benefits businesses can claim. Conditions for their application and prospects. Practical issues related to the allocation of the IT function within the Group.
  • Key tax incentives granted to businesses in 2022: an overview.

On the second day, Tax Compliance partner Andrei Solomyanyi spoke in Session 5, "The Chief Financial Officer as a Leader in the Transformation and Digitalization of Companies," with the speech "In the tax office, robots now decide everything. How automated control systems work, and what changes to expect in the near future. Andrew told about:

  • Digital tools of tax administration.
  • The digital future.
  • Why robots do not solve everything in practice.

At the event, representatives of leading companies, experts and analysts discussed measures of state support for companies in Russia, shared the secrets of attracting financing, and talked about the role of the financial director as a leader in transforming and digitalizing a company.