Support of individual tax control measures

Support of individual tax control measures

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    Support of individual tax control measures

    Seizure of documents and inspection of premises as part of an on-site tax audit

    As part of the on-site tax audit, the tax authority seized the original documents and examined the premises in order to clarify the circumstances relevant to the completeness of the audit.

    • Industry


    • Process description

      At the beginning of the working day the employees of the tax authority entered the territory of the enterprise and paralyzed the work, forbidding the employees to perform their official duties. Shipment and loading was suspended due to the inability to process the necessary documentation. An employee and lawyers of TC arrived to the place of tax control measures as soon as possible and ensured legal protection of the client, having prevented disruption of production and normal functioning of the client's warehouse.

    • Result

      After a conversation with the tax officials, a mutual understanding was reached and the inspection of the premises together with the seizure of documents was carried out in stages, without interfering with the production processes of the enterprise.

    • Employees involved

      Alexander Dmitriev, Yulia Pavlova