Currency regulation

Currency regulation

  • Retail 23 mln ₽
    Currency regulation

    The company's interests in the case of violation of currency legislation were protected in arbitration courts of three instances.

    Challenging of the tax authority decision on violation of the terms of loan repayment, issued by the taxpayer to a foreign company.

    • Duration

      June 2019 - March 2020

    • Employees involved

      Mikhail Begunov, Andrey Solomyany

    • Process description

      In the opinion of the tax authority, the organization violated the term for receiving (returning) the deposit by a resident of foreign currency in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement issued by the taxpayer to the foreign company

    • Result

      As a result, all claims of the tax authority with regard to violation of terms for receiving foreign currency by a resident in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement were successfully challenged in courts of 3 instances, as the tax authority did not take into account the submitted additional agreements to the loan agreement with the foreign company.