Article about tax monitoring in Aeroflot magazine

Article about tax monitoring in Aeroflot magazine

Aeroflot magazine published an article by Tax Compliance Managing Partner Mikhail Begunov, where he talks about tax monitoring and its key advantages.

Tax monitoring is a type of tax control, which replaces the usual business control in the form of tax audits and is carried out by granting access to the company records to the Federal Tax Service employees. Our company, which specializes in taxation and understands the importance of maintaining consumer productivity, helps companies make the transition to tax monitoring and adapt to the new interaction with the FTS. 

Now the transition to the tax monitoring regime is not mandatory, but according to statistics from the Federal Tax Service, the increase in companies that have switched to tax monitoring is 20% annually. Currently 445 companies have already moved to this regime.

The usefulness of tax monitoring for the taxpayer can include accelerated mode of reimbursement of excises and VAT - only 11 days, reducing the administrative burden of supporting the activities of tax control, a significant reduction in the number of requests from the tax authorities, as well as public and official recognition of the company as a reliable and responsible taxpayer.

The full text of the article can be found here.