Forbes magazine published an article on the results of the Transport Forum 2022

Forbes magazine published an article on the results of the Transport Forum 2022

"Business support can also be expressed in law enforcement practice. If we talk about actual support measures, I would divide them into easing of control and additional preferences", - said Mikhail Begunov, managing partner of Tax Compliance law firm.

In the first part, Mikhail talked about the tax deferral introduced as a protection against bankruptcy and the six-month suspension of bankruptcy cases not only from the Federal Tax Service. 

Separately was mentioned the moratorium on inspections in the field of currency control and related measures in the form of suspension of blocking accounts, a package of preferences for the IT-industry: the suspension of all inspections, as well as exemption from income tax for three years.

As a consequence, any large company, including transport companies, will be able to separate their IT resources into separate legal entities and legally use these preferences. 

"The state is actively developing measures to support business in the tax area, but they need to be used carefully and balanced, because if the law is interpreted incorrectly the savings achieved can be transformed into losses due to additional taxation, fines and penalties", - said Mikhail.

At Forbes Congress, the speakers also discussed ways and means of transforming the transport and economic sector, and drew first conclusions about the future direction of the industry in the current reality.

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