• 343 mln ₽
    Pre-court settlement of tax disputes

    Withdrawn claims of the tax authority against suppliers of raw materials for medicines

    We disputed the claim of the tax authority to suppliers of raw materials for medicines.

    • Industry


    • Process description

      At the stage of objections and additional activities it was proved that it is necessary to measure quantitative indicators at the beginning and at the end of the production process. The tax authority has been provided with calculations on writing-off materials purchased from contested counterparties and information on raw material remainders.

    • Result

      Claims of the tax authority for income tax were partially withdrawn. The taxpayer's objections were partially satisfied in the amount of 343 million ₽. Positive practice of pre-trial appeal against acts of tax authorities in relation to manufacturers of medicines was formed taking into consideration the specifics of the industry.

    • Employee involved

      Mikhail Begunov