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Tax Compliance course on criminal legal defense of business «Who’s there?»

Tax Compliance launches a service to support a company's transition to tax monitoring based on its own IT solution - «Tax Review» data mart

Our software allow you to interact with the Federal Tax Service using web services with maximum convenience for the customers.

More about «Tax Review».

We have prepared FAQ about the tax monitoring regime in the format of short videos:
  1. What is tax monitoring?
  2. Why you need tax monitoring?
  3. What benefits companies get with switching to a tax monitoring?
Detailed information about tax monitoring services can be found here.

Some our cases:

2.58 billion ₽

Litigation defense of Russia's largest distributor of household chemicals, personal care products, perfumes, decorative cosmetics and other consumer goods.

Court settlement of tax disputes

2 bn ₽

Supporting an on-site tax audit of a Russian construction company

Support of tax audits
Saving money by resolving corporate tax issues.

580 million ₽

Successful appeal of additional VAT charges in a tax reconstruction case

Court settlement of tax disputes
Focus on complex tax issues.

533 millions ₽

Tax Compliance attorneys represented a company engaged in the wholesale trade of household goods, hardware and tools

Support of tax audits
Focus on complex tax issues.

800 mln ₽

Challenging the results of an on-site tax audit of a Russian general contractor

Pre-court settlement of tax disputes
Saving money by resolving corporate tax issues.
Focus on complex tax issues.
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Mikhail Begunov, a chief specialist and a founder of the company

has been assisting clients on tax law application for over 20 years.
Mikhail Begunov Mikhail Begunov

Mikhail Begunov

Member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants, Lawyer at the Moscow Chamber of Advocates

Manufacturing, IT business, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Real Estate and Construction

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