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Tax Compliance has launched a new line of business services

Tax Compliance team is ready to assist you in obtaining the status of an accredited IT company. We:
  • Will evaluate the prospects for your company to get accreditation in the field of IT.
  • Will help you prepare the documents required to apply.
  • Will advise you on any questions you may have.
For detailed information, please follow the link.
Tax Compliance has launched a business criminal defense course, "Who's There?"
As part of this course, you will get answers to the following questions:
  • What actions of an organization's employees will help you avoid critical consequences when conducting a premises inspection, search, and interrogation.
  • What methods of psychological pressure are exerted on employees of the organization to obtain explanations and how they should be responded to.
  • What is a search and seizure within the framework of a criminal investigation, when they are carried out, what is the difference between a search and seizure.
  • What actions should be taken when receiving a subpoena for questioning by an investigator.
  • What rights have employees of the organization and how should employees of the Federal Tax Service behave during a seizure within the framework of tax control measures.
  • What is an interrogation by the tax authority.
For detailed information, please follow the link.

Some our cases:

343 mln ₽

Withdrawn claims of the tax authority against suppliers of raw materials for medicines

Pre-court settlement of tax disputes

135 mln ₽

Challenging additional charges to a major retailer in a case concerning the application of tax deductions for VAT on recycled goods

Court settlement of tax disputes
Saving money by resolving corporate tax issues.

70 mln ₽

Support of a field audit of a construction company and preparation of a tax reconstruction calculation that allowed to reduce the amount of tax claims by half

Support of tax audits
Focus on complex tax issues.

23 mln ₽

The company's interests in the case of violation of currency legislation were protected in arbitration courts of three instances.

Currency regulation
Focus on complex tax issues.
Saving money by resolving corporate tax issues.
Focus on complex tax issues.
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Mikhail Begunov, a chief specialist and a founder of the company

has been assisting clients on tax law application for over 20 years.
Mikhail Begunov Mikhail Begunov

Mikhail Begunov

Member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants, Lawyer at the Moscow Chamber of Advocates

Manufacturing, IT business, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Real Estate and Construction

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