Support of business liquidation
Support of disputes with tax authorities
Tax benefits and government support
Tax monitoring
Currency regulation
Support of business liquidation
Subsidiary liability for tax offenses
Criminal defense of business for tax crimes
Assistance in obtaining the status of an accredited IT company
Obtaining tax deferral


Corporate Tax Manager Tax Compliance
We will reduce the tax burden on your business and properly build a dialogue with the tax authority.
  • Development of a detailed step-by-step action plan for the liquidation of the business

    It includes an indication of all stages of business liquidation with deadlines and necessary actions within the framework of fulfilling obligations to the client.

  • Support in the framework of pre-verification analysis in connection with the liquidation of the business

    It includes the development of the client's legal position and representation of interests in the framework of interaction with tax authorities.

  • Interaction within the framework of reconciliation of settlements with tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds in the framework of business liquidation

    It includes sending a representative to the tax authority to obtain an act of reconciliation of settlements with the budget, as well as obtaining a certificate of the absence of unfulfilled obligations to extra-budgetary funds. In case of unfulfilled obligations, assistance in preparing a legal position and documentation for their execution

  • Legal support in the inventory of accounts receivable and accounts payable in the liquidation of a business

    It includes assistance in reconciliation of settlements for each debtor and creditor in the context of individual contracts and grounds. As well as notification through the media of creditors about the upcoming liquidation of the business.

  • Registration of the interim and liquidation balance sheet within the framework of the liquidation of the company

    It includes interaction with the accounting department of the company within the framework of the correct compilation and submission to the tax authority of the interim and liquidation balance sheet in the event of liquidation of the company.

Tax Review
We implement a data showcase for tax monitoring based on our own IT solution and provide methodological support.