Assistance in obtaining the status of an accredited IT company
Support of disputes with tax authorities
Tax benefits and government support
Tax monitoring
Currency regulation
Support of business liquidation
Subsidiary liability for tax offenses
Criminal defense of business for tax crimes


  • Tax support for IT-business

    Includes advice on the application of tax law, analysis of tax risks associated with the application of tax benefits, analysis of the possibility of IT-company's application of tax benefits, support for interaction with the tax authorities.

  • Analysis of the system for interaction with counterparties

    It includes an analysis of the effectiveness of the internal business system for choosing and interacting with counterparties.

  • Advising on the application of tax legislation

    It includes risk analysis of completed and planned transactions, tax planning of transactions, improving the efficiency of the tax function (diagnostics of existing processes and development of proposals for their improvement), improving the efficiency of tax management.

  • Tax reserves

    It includes the search and identification of tax reserves for VAT (application of additional deductions, application of reduced rates, etc.) and income tax (analysis of expenses not taken into account for tax purposes, the possibility of applying benefits, the possibility of retrospective application of new provisions of legislation and positions of law enforcement practice, the creation of reserves, etc.).

  • refund

    It includes an analysis of the prospects for VAT refund / refund of taxes paid from the budget, preparation of the client's legal position, support of the process of VAT refund / refund of taxes paid from the budget, including communication with tax authorities and (if necessary) settlement of disputes

  • Health-check

    Includes tax diagnostics of the company for readiness to conduct a tax audit

  • Tax Audit

    Concludes an audit of counterparties to identify tax risks, an analysis of the accuracy of information recorded in the tax registers and statements, preparation of recommendations on eliminating detected violations of tax and accounting legislation.

  • Tax support of transactions

    Tax due diligence Includes tax diagnostics of the transaction object for the presence of tax risks Tax structuring of transactions Includes the development of ways to make a transaction with an effective tax burden Asset integration Includes the development of a set of measures aimed at managing tax risks

  • Advice on taxation of CFCs

    Preparation of notifications on controlled transactions, notifications on the opening of a foreign account, analysis of the obligation to pay taxes on profits of controlled foreign companies, assistance in preparing financial statements for controlled foreign companies, preparation of tax returns in the form of 3-NDFL.