Tax monitoring
Assistance in obtaining the status of an accredited IT company
Support of disputes with tax authorities
Tax benefits and government support
Tax monitoring
Currency regulation
Support of business liquidation
Subsidiary liability for tax offenses
Criminal defense of business for tax crimes


Data mart «Tax Review»
We implement a data mart for tax monitoring based on our own IT solution and provide methodological support.
  • Diagnostics of readiness for the transition to tax monitoring

    Diagnostics includes the analysis of business processes, information systems and internal systems that ensure compliance with the requirements of the Federal Tax Service of Russia to expand tax control, as well as the formation of the project roadmap.

  • Analysis of tax risks and the possibility of their disclosure as part of tax monitoring

    Includes the analysis and expert assessment of the company's tax risks and the development of recommendations to minimise them.

  • Formation of a package of documents for entry into tax monitoring

    Includes the formation of a package of documents to be submitted upon entry into the tax monitoring regime (including the Application for tax monitoring, annexes to it, including the Information Interaction Regulation, as well as documents on the internal control system) in the format approved by the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

  • Assistance in negotiations with the tax authority

    Includes assistance in negotiations with the tax authority on the transition to the tax monitoring regime, filling out documents, organizing an internal control system, organizing information exchange, as well as support in the tax monitoring regime when requesting a reasoned opinion from the tax authority, challenging reasoned opinions, interacting with the tax authority on issues of disclosed information, organization of the internal control system, organization of information interaction.

  • Development of the internal control system

    It includes the development of documents regulating the functioning of the internal control system for the purposes of tax monitoring, a description of risks and control procedures, the formation of a risk matrix and control procedures. Also, as part of the work, all documents describing the Company's internal control system are generated in the formats approved by the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

  • Data mart development

    It includes the development and implementation of a customized analytical data mart based on the TC IT solution Tax Review, which includes mechanisms for disclosing accounting and tax reporting information, viewing primary documents, disclosing information about the internal control system, and automating interaction with the tax authority. In addition, according to the wishes of the Company, additional functionality can be implemented.

  • Technical and consultancy support

    Includes support for users regarding issues arising in the operation of the system.